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The Path To 
Inner Knowledge

Introduction Course


About the course

​This course invites the aspiring philosopher to a life of adventure. It is an invitation to embark upon a journey of ancient cultures and classical traditions to understand the causes and wisdom of their most audacious and valiant pursuits that we have available as our legacy today. Be it the pyramids of Egypt, The arduous trials of the Buddha in his pursuit of truth or Arjun’s conquest over himself in the Bhagvad Gita.

The course guides the participant to start developing a direction to navigate the many choices that life presents. This is to truly participate in “Living Philosophy”, a way where the investigation is to apply the learnings and allow a transformed attitude with which to live.

To bring a positive change needs us to face challenges with courage and freedom. This course has the ingredients to imagine how we may be the ones that champion this change, which necessarily first starts with ourselves.
The successful completion of this course is a first step and qualifies the participant to continue this journey of investigation with the scholastic program of School of Philosophy of New Acropolis and pursue the path to be a member of the school.


some of the topics 

Below are some of the topics that you will encounter through the course.


  • Need for Inner Change and the Ethical Life of a Disciple

  • The Internal Battle of Kurukshetra

  • Unraveling Svadharma and Karma Yoga

  • The Life of The Buddha and the process of Self-Transformation

  • The Symbolism of Tibetan Vajrayana Tradition

  • P. Blavatsky and the origins of a mystical manual for disciples

  • Some themes from The Voice of the Silence

  • Justice and the Sacred from Ancient Egypt

  • Confucius on Order and Harmony

  • Path of Happiness as per Aristotle

Man and Society

  • The Stoic Principles

  • Plotinus and Neo-Platonism

  • The role and importance of Society

  • Socrates and The Maieutic Approach

  • Education and Justice in Society

  • The Allegory of the Cave by Plato

  • Pythagoras and the last School of Mystery

  • The Organizational structure of Traditional Society

  • Founding Principles of New Acropolis

  • Path to Mystery

Philosophy of History and Future

  • Myths: Truths hidden in Mythology

  • Understanding Time

  • Cycles within History

  • Cycles of Time: Hindu Yugas, Great Year of Plato

  • Challenges and Opportunities of our times

  • The Esoteric History of Man

  • The Evolution of Human Consciousness

  • The Discipular Path

Rights to Admission to the Course are reserved by New Acropolis

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