Philosophy workshop - Taiwan 2020
World Philosophy Day  - India 2020


Philosophy, when it is practical, is educational. It helps us to know and to improve ourselves. To be a philosopher is a way of life committed to the best aspirations of humanity.
The philosophy we propose in New Acropolis is a way of living that is accessible to all and consists of putting into practice the teachings of the great sages of all times. The application of knowledge results in better individuals, who will therefore be capable of building a better world. The living experience of philosophy promotes an active and participatory attitude in individuals, which brings out their best qualities.We achieve this not only through reading, studying and theoretical knowledge, but also by learning to live well, with strength and efficiency, at every moment of our lives; making use of the opportunities that arise and learning something positive even from adversity.
This is what we mean by “Philosophy as a way of life”.

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